Æ – “Låt Alla Gamla Drömmar Dö” (2015)

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A new film from Norwegian Director Thor Brenne, for Æ track ‘LÅT ALLA GAMLA DRÖMMAR DÖ’ that aims to explore the transition from youth to adulthood.

“I’m interested in all time that has passed. In those moments you realise that nothing is happening in life. That very moment. Youth vs adulthood, do we change or are we the same through our lifetime – or do we have to leave our childish idealism at some point. In my head It’s always deviants who take the world ahead” – Thor Brenne

Director/Writer/Editor: Thor Brenne
Director of Photography: Martin Edelsteen.
Starring: Johnny Skar, Lela Ivanov, Karoline Aspaas and Caroline Rikardsen
Directors website: http://www.thorbrenne.com

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