Deep Purple – Vincent Price (2013)

Deep Purple’s brand-new music video for the new single ‘Vincent Price’, from the new nr.1 album NOW What?! Their first video-clip in over 20 years! The single Vincent Price will be released on June 7th as download, CD single and 7″ transparent vinyl. Vincent Price will become a Purple collector’s item, due to the inclusion of the song “First Sign Of Madness”, which was recorded during the NOW What?! sessions but not included in the final selection. NOW What ?! Has been produced by Bob Ezrin and one week after its release it’s rewarded by critics and fans to be one of the band’s finest moments, marking the peak of a long and glorious career.



Cuushe – I Dreamt About Silence (2012)

‘I Dreamt about Silence’ from the Cuushe’s new ep “Girl you know that I am here but the dream” released on flau 2012.

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The EP’s a collection of three new songs packaged with additional remixes by Julia Holter, Motion Sickness Of Time Travel, Teen Daze, Blackbird Blackbird, Botany, Kixnare, Federico Durand, Geskia and Slow Magic. It’s limited to three 3inch CDs or download and the artwork comes courtesy of Rachel Evans of Motion Sickness of Time Travel (Spectrum Spools).
album mastered by Miles Whittaker (Demdike Stare/Pendle Coven)

© 2012 flau records.


Ghost Capsules – Inside (2013)

What was the biggest inspiration for making this album?

Tim: Food would be the biggest inspiration. During this recording period I was obsessed with cooking vegetarian Indian food and exploring with the amount of heat and spices you can add to a dish without overpowering the natural tastes of the vegetables. It is wonderful that with just a few pinches of turmeric, cumin, coriander mixed with fresh green chilli, ginger, garlic and onions you are able to transform a bowl of humble chickpeas into a dish that is subtle in taste but with plenty of depth. I find this analogy so true when making music and how subtlety can stretch such a long, long way!

Ghost Capsules – Inside
Directed by Eni Brandner
Inside EP 2013
Ghost Capsules Album 2013
p&c 2012 O*Solo Recordings
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Flume – Sleepless (2012)

Flume is a local Sydney beat maker who’s only 19 (!) years of age. Flume got his first taste for producing at age 13 (!!) from the most unlikely of places – a music production program he found in a cereal box. It began Flume’s obsession with all things synthetic, and started his addiction for plug-ins, sample packs & vintage analogue hardware. Sleepless is Flume’s debut EP and has enough lush pads, chopped and chipmunked vocals, saw synths and awesome percussion to impress any fan of Hudson Mohawke, Flying Lotus, Seekae or Space Dimension Controller. [Source]


King Khan & The Shrines – Bite My Tongue (2012)

The Bruise Cruise is an annual event for punk rock and hardcore fans to board a cruise ship, drink like fishes, and enjoy the sounds of their favorite acts for a few days of seafaring anarchy. In addition to memories and possibly some scrapes and bruises, attendees will leave with a limited-edition 7″ featuring artists from the 2012 lineup. King Khan and the Shrines‘ previously unreleased “Bite My Tongue” is among the tracks up for grabs, packaged as part of a split 7” with Mikal Cronin. With jangly guitars and an overpowering chorus, the track is in line with the bright, sunny numbers of decidedly more poppy ’60s garage acts and is the perfect soundtrack to a game of shuffleboard on the poop deck. [Source]


[Inspired by Joey Hansom]