Felizol & The Boy – John Carpenter ll (2015)

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Optimo Music release FELIZOL AND THE BOY’s “Like Cannibal Father, Like Cannibal Son” in late July.

Optimo Music is known as a 12” label, but occasionally something rare and dangerous comes our way that compels us to release a full length album…

It’s not exactly a dance album, although there is music you can dance to on it. It’s more filmic in nature, with references to legendary directors like Kubrick and Carpenter that will enthrall a film buff, particularly if they’re interested in electronic and dance music (It compelled me to watch Barry Lyndon again for the umpteenth time after first hearing it). There’s a sleazy, louche and unsettling feel to much of the music (“Tina Weymouth” is a sleaze-floor monster groove…), and inspired incorporation of live instrumentation. We hope it will intrigue and delight!

The film references are directly relevant as Felizol and The Boy are film directors Yiannis Veslemes and Alexandros Voulgaris, who live in Athens, Greece and have composed music for numerous feature films. They also perform live in house clubs, heavy metal dungeons and hippy-friendly festivals…

They have this to say about their release:

“We had a loose concept for this album and we compiled tracks that we’ve recorded the last 3 years that have to do with the cannibalism. Literally but also as a metaphor for the blessing and the tyranny of paying homage and influenced from music and films (and directors and musicians).

So these are songs about the agony of creating something new and personal when so much information and influences are fused in them.”

Their bio states:

In 1979 they broke into Leonard Cohen’s house in Hydra Island.
In 1987 they directed a remake of George P. Kosmatos Cobra.
They know where Vangelis live in Athens and also who really fought Lord Byron during the war.

Mastered by James Savage.

Released on vinyl album and digital, July 28th 2014. Distributed by Kompakt.

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