Steve Mason – Fight Them Back (2012)

Steve Mason is set to release his politically charged new album ‘Monkey Minds In The Devil’s Time’ on March 11th. It’s an easy statement to make, but nonetheless true: Steve Mason is one of the country’s most under-rated songwriters. Having helmed The Beta Band, the Scottish artist has enjoyed a rich solo career which has produced some fine work. Now he’s back. Steve Mason will release the intriguingly titled ‘Monkey Minds In The Devil’s Time’ next year, with Double Six again providing the songwriter with a home. Seemingly a politically charged effort, the album contains 20 tracks. Nine songs were recorded in London with Dan Carey at the controls, while the remainder are sound pieces constructed at Mason’s home studio in Fife, Scotland. ‘Fight Them Back’ is a protest song, focussing on the dis-enfranchised elements of London life. [Source]



The Child Of Lov – Heal (2012)

Enigmatic The Child of Lov emerged earlier this summer with a funky, soulful demo for “Heal.” Here’s the official video for the track, shot in Atlanta by Focus Creeps, which sheds a bit more light on the still-unidentified virtuoso. In it, kids dressed in bold colors, prints and gold chains sprawl throughout a city, causing mayhem wherever they go. A recess gone wild, so to speak. Child of Lov released “Heal” as a single today; the B-side on that’s his cover of D’Angelo’s “One Mo Gin.” A debut full length is promised for early next year via Domino imprint Double Six Records. [Source]


Hot Chip – Don’t Deny Your Heart (2012)

The central conflict of Hot Chip’s video “Don’t Deny Your Heart” involves a good old-fashioned tour bus FIFA rivalry, though this particular match goes to a place where I’ve never seen a FIFA match go (did they download a special patch?). Peter Serafinowicz directs.

John Cale – Face To The Sky (2012)

Face to the Sky is the second single to be taken from John Cale’s new album, Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood. While that conjures up unsettling images of the 70-year-old Cale lurking in some kind of sex theme park, the album does see the the Velvet Underground co-founder in relaxed form, twisting experimental flourishes into fairly straightforward shapes such as the excellent Danger Mouse collaboration I Wanna Talk 2 U. Built around a slightly unsettled time signature and a repetitive piano riff, Face to the Sky features an instrument beloved of R&B’s finest – the vocoder. But rather than mask the emotion, the effect is dazed and disoriented. This dream-like quality is reflected in the video – premiered here – which involves Cale cavorting around as he croaks lyrics such as “swirling around her, dizzy as a top on a chessboard”. [Source]

Spiritualized – Little Girl (2012)

Directed by Vincent Haycock, “Little Girl” follows the story of a young female runaway who steals her dad’s money and motorcycle to escape the god-forsaken, post soviet demise small town in which she lives. Shot on location in Eisenhüttenstadt (Iron City), in the Oder-Spree district of Brandenburg, Germany at the border of Poland and Germany. The eponymous ‘Little Girl’ of the song’s title is played by Chesca Miles, one of the UK’s top female stunt riders.

“Little Girl” also featurs some of Germany’s best stunt riders including Julian Pohl and the Eastside Xtremes. The latter are a hood rat, street bike gang that hail from the borders of Germany and Poland. They arrived on set in their tour bus, which is tricked out with UV lighting and a stripper pole. They’re basically buzzing on fades, Red Bull, and burnouts.

The remaining characters were street cast in various dive and biker bars around Berlin and the outlining towns. In fact the Canadian Porn Star Cannibal, Luka Rocco Magnotta, was eventually arrested in one such dive bar hang out, he was unknowingly scouted for the video.

During the course of the three day shoot there were only 2 crashes, a wrecked bike, a near-death tank rattle, 12 burnt-out tires, a broken whipped cream charger, and a near arrest after police caught producers filming a high speed tracking shot on the autobahn into Berlin at 4am.