Duran Duran – Too Bad You’re So Beautiful (2011)

“Too Bad, You’re So Beautiful” is a Duran Duran song, released on the CD album version of All You Need Is Now on March 21/22, 2011. The song is from Duran Duran’s 13th studio album All You Need Is Now, which began production in February 2010 and was originally called “King of Nowhere”.


[Dedicated to H.K.]


Swiftumz- More Than Sleep (2012)

Slacker savant Chris McVicker, a.k.a. Swiftumz, made a video for the impossibly catchy-yet-sulky track “More Than Sleep,” off of the excellent 2011 Holy Mountain release Don’t Trip. The video seems to chronicle a day in the life of a lovelorn record junkie — wake up, pine, play everything from Christian Death to Masta Ace, pine some more, lights off, go to bed. [Source]


Dwight Twilley – My Life (2011)

Soundtrack is not an album with all the best cuts jammed at the beginning. It plays like a book that urges you to read from start to finish. The album is a masterful production with 12 all new astonishing Dwight Twilley songs. Special guests on the album include Susan Cowsill (The Cowsills) who contributed her typically amazing harmonies on “Bus Ticket”, “God Didn’t Do It” and “The Cards Will Fall,” and fellow Tulsan Taylor Hanson (Hanson) who adds organ and magical keyboard sprinkles to “The Cards Will Fall” and “The Last Time Around.” [Source]

Coldplay – Viva La Vida (Anton Corbijn Version) (2008)

The official music video for “Viva la Vida” was directed by Hype Williams and premiered at Coldplay’s official website on 1 August 2008. The video depicts the band performing against a blurry, warped version of Eugène Delacroix’s painting La Liberté guidant le peuple. Since its release, this video “Viva La Vida” has become one of the most viewed music videos on YouTube, with over 100,000,000 views worldwide. A second, alternate video was shot in The Hague, the Netherlands, directed by Anton Corbijn and released alongside the first. This second version is a tribute to Corbijn’s video for Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence” and portrays Chris Martin as the king from whose perspective the song is sung. During the video, he carries Delacroix’s painting. At the end, he hangs the picture up in a white stall on top of a hill. As he sings the last chorus, his band mates surface heading his way, tying in loose ends from the “Violet Hill” video.

Wooden Shjips – Lazy Bones (2011)

Dig the video for Wooden Shjips’ “Lazy Bones,” available on their new album West, out now from Thrill Jockey. The band’s sound is an epic trip induced by 1960s psych, avant-garde minimalism, and the f/x-drenched guitar of Spacemen 3, whose Peter “Sonic Boom” Kember mastered this album. The West vinyl sold out in a split second but it’s been reissued on orange wax and includes a bonus 7″ and tote bag. [Source]

Wooden Shjips – Black Smoke Rise (2011)

Turn it up loud and get your wig pushed back. Then read the Wooden Ships interview on Agit Reader and pick up a couple Parson Sounds and Trad Gras records. They too are similarly woolly, ragged, gaffling psychedelic rock. [Source]

[Dedicated to Ryoko Ife]

Citizens! – True Romance (2011)

“True Romance” is taken from Citizens!’ debut album “Here We Are” – release on Kitsuné / Cooperative Music
You can purchase their debut album : http://shop.kitsune.fr/p/cd-slash-citizens

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