Julien-K – Nights Of Future Past (2013)

Welcome to the world premier of Nights of Future Past.

This video was shot in Russia by our incredibly talented director and creative partner, Katya Tsyagonova (Katya also directed the video for Breakfast in Berlin).

We had been tossing around ideas for the NOFP video for months – going back and forth with Katya. We had some cool ideas, and at some point in the process, Katya simply said “ok – I have some ideas too! I’m going to just do this!”
We’re glad she did. You may notice Katya actually makes a few cameos in the video (we love that kind of shit).

As our fans can see, we meant it when we said we were going to independently create a serious collection of high quality videos to flesh out Were Here With You – to give the record as much color and energy as possible. We believe this record is a serious work, and we are committed to continuing to let the record breathe and grow – and thank you all – it HAS been growing! We actually have major music channels starting to play nearly ALL of our videos (IM1, MTVU, and MTV Latin to name a few).

We approached this record and our new business (Julien-K INC and Circuit Freq Records) in a very unique way. Our Intent was to build a “creative collective” of talented individuals that could work with us all over the world and at home using technology to collaborate and relying on our worldwide touring to actually connect in person when possible in an effort to grow and enhance our carefully curated artist collective.

We want to thank all of our amazing friends and partners around the world that have worked with us in creating all this amazing content and music for WHWY, and we want to thank our fans for continuing to support our effort and slowly grow our little project into something special.

We hope you all had an amazing New Year – I’m sure many of you experienced a “Nights of Future Past moment” on NYE – looking forward to seeing you all in 2013!

– Ryan



Julien-K – Kick The Bass (2009)

On 23 January 2009, Julien-K’s myspace page announced that on 17 February 2009 their debut single “Kick the Bass” (with the B-side “Dreamland”) would be released digitally, coinciding with the planned end of analog television in the U.S. The explicit video is of a sexual theme, including references to bondage and has a cannibalistic twist to it. The video is offered in two versions for different tastes, a clean version as well as an explicit one, with the clean version being released at a later date. As a teaser, the explicit version of the video was released exclusively on 10 February on playboy.com which also features a cameo appearance from Linkin Park’s vocalist Chester Bennington, his wife Talinda, and Julien-K’s Director of Activities Church. The site also offered a three-day trial to coincide with the release, though verification of age (18+) was needed.