Pavo Pavo – Ruby (Let’s Buy The Bike!) (2016)


Brooklyn experimental pop band Pavo Pavo — whose stunning debut album Young Narrator in the Breakers was released on November 11th, 2016 through Bella Union— releases the track “Ruby (Let’s Buy The Bike)” as a music video. The track, a song about stumbling across a motorcycle named Ruby at a bike show and falling in love, comes at the helm of the band’s debut UK tour and appearance at Iceland Airwaves. The band will also played a free show at Rough Trade NYC in November.

Anohni – Obama (2016)


ANOHNI implores President Obama to free Chelsea Manning, who Obama’s administration has locked in solitary confinement for 35 years for blowing the whistle of US war crimes.

America’s number one political prisoner is a transgendered soldier
who sits in solitary confinement for revealing the US drone execution
of Reuters journalists.

I voted for you, I campaigned for you across Europe,
Like thousands f others, I beat the drum for you in the newspapers and on TV, telling European press that you were
a feminist, a kind an reasonable man, a just and fair man, that you would rescue us from the hells of the previous administration.

OBAMA, Please let Chelsea Manning out of prison.
Recognize her tremendous sacrifice, and her vulnerability.
With Trump incoming, if you leave her there
She will never see the light of day, or worse,
and you send a final message to the nation
That the Obama administration brutally punished moral courage
in these unforgiving United States.

She has suffered Enough, President Obama
She poses no threat.

The election is over.
There is no political advantage left in allowing Chelsea to perish in prison.

Have mercy on her, Obama,
friend of the trans community:
I implore you to Free Chelsea Manning.”

Anohni – Marrow (2016)

Featuring Lorraine O’Grady.

In the countryside, under the streams
Suck the marrow out of her bones
Inject me with chemotherapies
Suck the money out of her face

We are all Americans now

Africa, Iceland, Europe and Brazil
China, Thailand, India and Great Britain
Australia, Borneo and Nigeria

We are all Americans now

Suck the oil out of her face
Burn her hair, boil her skin

We are all Americans now

(Secretly Canadian/Rough Trade)
© & ℗ Rebis Music 2016

The Moonlandingz – Black Hanz (2017)

The Moonlandingz will release debut album ‘Interplanetary Class Classics’ on March 24th.
The loose-knit London collective have gradually evolved into one of the most mind-expanding live experiences around, a thrilling fusion of power drill punk and brown acid psych.
Sean Lennon was recruited to shape their debut album, with The Moonlandingz decamping to New York state to lay down some feral psych-out grooves.
Guests include Randy Jones the Cowboy from The Village People, Rebecca Taylor from Slow Club, drummer Ross Orton, bassist Mairead O’Connor, The Human League’s Phil Oakey, and Yoko Ono who contributes to no-holds-barred finale ‘This Cities Undone’.

Globelamp – The Orange Glow (2016)


Elizabeth Le Fey, Globelamp, wrote The Orange Glow “as a reflection of the last year and a half and how I got out of it alive.” After a painful breakup and the death of her best friend, Maia Hisomoto, Globelamp followed the seductive but ultimately “fucked up” lure of the “orange glow” into a fairytale forest full of poisoned flora, predatory fauna and unspeakable, hair-raising mysteries. “An ancient aching/It seemed so warm/The orange/The orange glow/I didn’t know I didn’t know.”

With a voice that can be either ethereal or savage, shimmery as California sunshine through the leaves of redwoods, or dark as a Washington rainstorm, but always haunting, Globelamp sings of loss, longing, survival and the enchantments of nature.
Her mother exposed her to ‘80’s glam rock and Globelamp began to play the piano at the age of four, though it was not until her 20’s that she shared her music with the world as part of the punk band Meowtain in Olympia, and later as the White Witch of Foxygen. After this, she took off on her own to write, produce and record her solo debut Star Dust and to tour the country as an “artist/traveller” (“If you’re an artist or a traveler with tapestries/ I left the only girl I love in the Evergreen trees/… I brought her ashes to the sea”), gazing up at us from under glitter-encrusted eyelids under faux fur hoods, flower wreaths or tiaras. Globelamp’s voice has been compared to the likes of Stevie Nicks, Grace Slick, Kate Bush and Donovan, (I hear echoes of my personal favorites Patti Smith, PJ Harvey, Tori Amos and Exene Cervenka) and one can recognize the influence of the supernatural, fairy tales, nursery rhymes, psychedelic folk music and punk, but her sound is distinctly her own.