Alice Cooper – Elected (1972)


“Elected” is a 1972 song by rock band Alice Cooper, the first Hot 100 hit on their 6th studio album Billion Dollar Babies. The single reached #26 during election week on the US charts, #4 on the UK charts and #3 in Austria. It inspired one of the first MTV-style story-line promo videos ever made for a song. The song was a radical re-write of their 1969 song “Reflected” from the album Pretties for You.

/via Allan Vegenfeldt

Autolux – Selectallcopy (2016)


Autolux’s third album sounds like you might expect, based on the fact it’s on Danger Mouse’s label and that it was produced by BOOTS. The most notable new track is the off-kilter “Select All Copy,” with its futuristic space-rock take on a classic My Bloody Valentine feel, embodying what Autolux have always stood for.

Dedikeret til P.G. Frandsen og Mads Lerager.

Liima – Roger Waters (2016)


“Roger Waters” by Liima, from their debut album ‘ii’ which was released on 18th March on 4AD.

Director: Plastic Zoo
Producer: Rob Jelley
Exec Producer: Sarah Boardman
Production Company: Pulse Films

DOP: Stefan Yap
Focus Puller: Joel Honeywell
Prosthetics/Hair & Makeup: Isadora Darke

Editors: Jack Abbott @ PULSE
Grade: Lewis Crossfield @ ETC

Cast: Craig Sinclair, Umer Farooq, Santiago Acevedo, Archie Harlow, and Harrison Keating.