New Order – Restless (2015)

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Restless – The official video
Directed/Produced by NYSU

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Johnny Cash – She Used To Love Me A Lot (2014)

The film-maker John Hillcoat is listing the things about Johnny Cash that appeal to him. It’s quite a list, from his distinctive voice and constant championing of the underdog to the way he’d play guitar (“he’d string it up, almost like a rifle”). Indeed, Hillcoat’s fandom is such that when he was presented with the opportunity to direct the video for Cash’s She Used To Love Me a Lot, the lead track from the forthcoming release of his “lost” 1980s album Out Among the Stars, he jumped at the chance. “I’ve been a lifelong fan,” he says. “The first film I made was a prison film [Ghosts … of the Civil Dead] so there’s definitely a connection there with the whole Folsom prison thing. I was also inspired by his voice, which has a truth to it at all times – that’s always helped me in terms of working with actors, no matter how big.” [Source]

Johnny Cash She Used to Love Me a Lot

Aziza Brahim – Julud (2014)

Voiced with deep passion and grace, Aziza Brahim’s music adeptly travels the expanse between her Western Saharan roots and Barcelona, the European cosmopolis where she now lives. Aziza is both a contemporary sonic poet and a prominent and eloquent spokesperson for the Saharawi people and their ongoing struggle for recognition and justice. Born and raised in the Saharawi refugee camps lining the frontier between Algeria and Western Sahara, Aziza’s life has been marked by both daunting hardship and inspired will. Fleeing from these camps and the regime of political oppression that followed Morocco’s 1975 invasion of Western Sahara, as a young teenager Aziza travelled to Cuba for her secondary school studies. There she experienced first hand the deep Cuban economic crisis of the 1990’s and the subsequent denial of her request to pursue a university degree in music.


Sonic Youth – Sunday (1998)

“Sunday” is a song by Sonic Youth, released as the first and only single from their 1998 album A Thousand Leaves. A different recording of the song was also featured on the soundtrack of the film subUrbia. The riff was taken from Helium’s song “Skeleton”. The video for Sunday is directed by Harmony Korine and stars Macaulay Culkin and Rachel Miner. The video makes liberal use of slow and fast motion cameras and images of ballerinas dancing.


Lil Wayne – God Bless Amerika (2013)

Lil Wayne has backed down over his controversial stomping of the American flag. The 30-year-old rapper has removed the distinctly un-patriotic scene from the final director’s cut of the video for his new single God Bless Amerika. Last month the four-time Grammy winner faced backlash after a clip from the video, which was shot in New Orleans, was released and showed him stomping on the flag as he danced around before an assembled crowd. [Source]