So Pitted – Rot In Hell (2016)

Directed, Edited by: Zoë Sauer

“ew-wa ewa- what’s that freaky sound coming out of your speakers? this sound is fresher than the farmers market down the street and they are called so pitted. they brought you a little taste called “rot in hell”, enjoy :)”

“rot in hell” from the 2/19/16 So Pitted album, neo


Husky – Tidal Wave (2012)

You probably haven’t heard of Husky before now. That’s because compared to most musicians in this era of uninterrupted connectivity and non-stop self-promotion, the Australian quartet might as well have crafted their debut full-length atop the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas. With its warm, acoustic timbres and carefully crafted songs, Forever So is the sound of a band that from its inception cared more about making one sublime album than acquiring a million followers on Twitter. [Source]