BRTSH KNIGHTS – If I Was To (2013)

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We’re getting pretty gassed about the summer. The smell of cheap weed and melted Twister is heavy in London’s grey humid air. Now all we needs is that big June tune. Step forward South London production collective BRTSH KNIGHTS whose debut release “If I Was To” could just be the sound of the summer. In fact, Noisey loved the tune so much that we made a video for it. Fancy, right? BRTSH KNIGHTS are a mysterious bunch, little is known about them beyond their nostalgia for “lavish living and unrestrained lovemaking”. “If I Was To” fuses house, garage, and sunshine full with bad-boy gone good vocals. The video has loads of lads in tights jousting, slaying and doing other things knights do. If they keep making tunes like this, they can do all the unrestrained lovemaking they want.


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