Recorded in 2004, M.I.A.’s “Reload” has only just made its way out into the world. The newly uncovered track was co-written by Justine Frischmann of the English rock group Elastica, and appears on the soundtrack for the newly released M.I.A. documentary, MATANGI/MAYA/M.I.A. The video for “Reload” was shot in Frischmann’s basement in 2004, and features simple clips of M.I.A. and three friends dancing to the song. Though the track was recorded before M.I.A.’s 2005 debut Arular, it has that signature fuck-you energy that runs through the entire M.I.A discography. “Okay reload, coming at you like Al Pacino,” she sings, over a typically bouncy electronic backing. It’s a bold cut from one of M.I.A.’s most exciting musical periods.

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