TR/ST – Destroyer (2017)

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Hollywood choreographer Ryan Heffington stars in and co-directs, alongside Justin Tyler Close, this nocturnal accompaniment to the Canadian industrial-pop musician’s latest release

This new track from Toronto-based musician TR/ST blends the artist’s strangely sinister and mechanical pop with the unpredictable moves of Californian dance-studio director and choreographer extraordinaire Ryan Heffington—the figure behind the moves in everything from Sia’s “Chandelier” to Netflix series The OA.

“This track is about fighting ideas of impurity and worthlessness”

TR/ST explains: “this album, written at an isolated farmhouse in rural Canada, is about the journey of a man—essentially a narcissist—fighting with ideas of impurity and worthlessness.” But it is also, he continues, about “expressing our own sexual fantasies.”

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