“Cézanne” is the first single from CTMs forthcoming mini-album “Suite for a Young Girl”.

CTM is Cæcilie Trier.

Directors and edit: Sara Laub and Kamilla Bruus
D.O.P.: Eddie Klint
Assistant Photographer: Gustav Meiling Madsen
Producer: Louise Castenskiold
Production assistant: Camilla G.H. Jensen
Color Grade: Olesya Kireeva
Grip: Jeppe Tang
Light: Frederik Münchow, Frederik Lillie Rudolph, Anders Knudsen
Costume Designer: Sarah Emilie Thaning
Choreographer: Anna Hendrich
Dancers: Roberta Kølpin, Cecilie Ottsen, Caroline Tuborg Andersen, Cecilia Fogh, Alma Bille, Molly Junggreen, Sofia Weatherall, Wilma Elbek, Mathilde Ernst, Nefertiti Moeglin Pedersen, Olivia Jackson


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