Funkadelic & Soul Clap feat. Sly Stone – In Da Kar (2015)

Soul Clap Records and Aleph & Grisbi Productions are proud to present the Video Music Premiere of Funkadelic & Soul Clap feat. Sly Stone – In Da Kar.

Soul Clap’s collaboration with George Clinton has been nothing short of incredible. The team efforts spanning generations of funk have created true musical dope-ness, which Clinton has proudly included on the new Funkadelic album (30 years since the last album!) the monster “In Da Kar”, featuring Sly Stone on keys. In support of the In Da Kar EFUNK remixes on Soul Clap Records, Soul Clap have enlisted the help of director and longtime friend Gabe Muniz-Alessio to bring the story to life with a music video. The goal was to create a video to make people think, because as George famously says, “THINK! It ain’t illegal yet.”

This video focuses on the dichotomous nature of the oil supply chain. The horror that surrounds oil production and extraction versus the perpetual joyride that’s fuelled by it.

Along with being a nod to Funkadelic motifs (ex: the mixed format of the Atomic Dog video) the interplay of live action and claymation in this video points to how we, the joyriders, perceive (or fail to perceive) those living in and around the production end of the supply chain; somehow not real, not “live action”.

As the video progresses, the idyllic suburban world through which Soul Clap cruises gradually starts to crack and resemble the oil-producing world as depicted in the claymation scenes: the pollution of the Gulf of Mexico, the police state of so many oil producing nations (this particular scene being inspired by the struggle of Ken Saro Wiwa & MOSOP in the Nigerian Delta), and finally, all out war in the Middle East.

And just as George has been the connective tissue between so many musical movements & styles throughout the decades, so here is it he who connects the dots for us by pointing to a suburban valley ablaze with the fires of the petroleum industry that have been feeding our gas guzzler throughout our joyride. All of the subtle hints us that have been dropped thus far have metastasized into a spectacle that we cannot so easily ignore. Pipe it, Pump it, Truck it, and Fuck it…Damn.

We’re so honored to officially release the In Da Kar Music Video to the world. Getting Clinton’s blessing and musical participation has legitimized our EFUNK movement and opened a new chapter in the Soul Clap’s sound. In this chapter of ultimate intergalactic funky-ness Everybody’s Freaky Under Natures Kingdom. That means YOU TOO, so won’t you join us?!

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