Buvette – Casual Outfit (2015)

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Directed by Agathe Zaerpour
Music recorded by Cédric Streuli

PAN046 – Pan European Recording – 2015 http://www.paneuropeanrecording.com

Available on :
Spotify : http://bit.ly/1GWAeSr
Deezer : http://bit.ly/1KmTPO6
Bandcamp : http://bit.ly/1HrUU6r
Soundcloud : http://bit.ly/1LSloO3


Thanks to :
Pan European Recording, Arthur Peschaud, Elodie Haddad, Gillian Bourgeois, Aurélie Mercier,Lisa Guedel-Dolle, Inès Dal Soglio, Philippine Chaumont, Didier Guerraz, Patrick Vermeulen, Benjamin Bard

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