Koudlam – Benidorm Dream (2015)

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Something of a unique figure in French electronic music, Koudlam nods towards the more pastoral end of house while retaining a deeply individual sensibility.

Difficult to define, his sun-bleached productions reached fruition on 2009’s ironically titled debut album ‘Goodbye’.

Returning with new record ‘Benidorm Dream’, the producer is clearly in the mood to experiment. Introducing outlandish melodic flourishes, hallucinogenic vocals and dis-orienting electronics, Koudlam pieced the album together in a skyscraper which stared out across Benidorm.

The title track is a gorgeous yet unsettling introduction, while the visuals ably expand on these themes. [Source]

[Dedicated to Søren Rasted & Ulrich Møller-Jørgensen]

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