Richard Lloyd – Get Off Of My Cloud (1982)

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DeeK Songs on YouTube:

RICHARD LLOYD (late of Television) in a pre-MTV music video I produced, with pioneering producer Jack Fanning, back in 1982 for something called Melodyvision. This was after Richard’s visionary first solo album, Alchemy. The Rolling Stone’s song, Get Off Of My Cloud was parred with another Stone’s song, Connection – on this rare single Richard recorded in a one-man-band mode. He was in an adventurous mood for this video and his band rose to the occasion. Working with these guys was like herding cats – but, in the end…we didn’t burn the studio down OR blow it up. Next time we’ll try harder… Please note that there are multiple sticks of incense burning from/on Richards hat (in a strictly No Smoking studio).

[via Yasumichi Higashihara in Hokkaido]

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