Not too long ago, the members of Horse Thief were students at Oklahoma City’s Academy of Contemporary Music. Now, the five-piece — who originally hail from Denton, Texas — have signed with Bella Union and booked their debut album for an April 15 arrival. The LP, titled Fear in Bliss, collects 12 tracks that are united by a single overarching theme: “finding yourself and what you believe in, and finding the comfort in acknowledging fear.” Belief and terror figure prominently into Horse Thief’s new music video for “Devil,” the album’s woodsy, tuneful lead single. The clip catches a young woman performing a dark ritual in the woods, naked (apart from a few charm necklaces, of course). Horse Thief frontman Cameron Neil plays narrator, singing about “the honesty of evil” as he and his bandmates are buried under dirt and foliage, not far from the smoky séance. Discover the menace and magic of their new, weird America by watching the video below. [Source]

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