HTRK – Chinatown Style (2014)

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Directed by Nathan Corbin
Co-Directed by Tony Lowe
Produced by Video Dub
Costumes and Styling by Jenni Hensler
Additional Cinematography by Rafe scobey-Thal
Stunt Driver-Elizabeth Jaeger
Mixed at Channel Uno, NM

Diegetic Tracks:
Kink-Acid Daddy

Kiki Kudo-Octopus chef/DJ
Nick Nauman-Salad Chef/Dancer
Sara Jean Gruenwald-Horse/Yang/Dancer
Genevieve Havemeyer-Horse/Yin
Jenni Hensler-Stylist/Herself
Tony Lowe-Photographer/Deliver Boy
Calder Martin-Himself
Maeve Cook-Martin-Herself
Caitlin Cook-Choreographer/Dancer
Jesse Gold-Dancer
Paige Martin-Dancer
Parker Lutz-Dancer
Casey Farnum-Bounce Grip
Raina Terror-Dancer
Filip Olszewski-Dancer
Eli Ping-Dancer
Loren Halman-Dancer
Maria Rynn-Dancer
Arnold Wu-Dancer

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