John Cale – If You Were Still Around (2014)

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Lou Reed died one year ago today, and his former bandmate and occasional creative jousting partner John Cale has marked the occasion with a moving new video for his old song “If You Were Still Around” (a version of which appeared on Music for a New Society, from 1982). The video was directed by Abigail Portner, and Cale shared it this morning with a cryptic note that seems to make an allegory out of his famously contentious relationship with Reed:

“A Moth and a Candle met. They decided to become friends. Everyone enjoyed watching their discourse—especially the risk takers. Then one day a big rain came. The Moth couldn’t fly and the Candle puttered out. Everyone laughed in bitter awe and blamed the rain. Most however knew the deeper truth—the Candle remains lit and the Moth will stay close.”

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