Killing Joke – Love Like Blood (1985)

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Love Like Blood is driving, with guitarist Geordie Walker providing the basis for the song in huge, chunky guitar chords and riffs — cyclical and inverting in on themselves. He plays various arpeggios for the different sections of the song, with a tone that combines blistering distortion with a cold and edgy chorus effect. Drummer Paul Ferguson plants a steady four-on-the-floor dance beat, along with Raven’s funky bass line, for the rhythm track. Unlike many of the industrial bands that followed in its wake, Killing Joke uses no sequencers or drum machines, leaving some human feel within the industrial framework. Coleman plays a haunting legato synth line that floats over the staccato guitar and rhythm section. Near the end of “Love Like Blood,” he also offers an ominous piano bass note on upbeats, like a horror-film bell tolling.

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