Iamamiwhoami – Hunting For Pearls (2014)

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iamamiwhoami, like many predecessors in the Scandinavian electro-scene, like paring their stark, wholly unnatural sound with equally stark Nordic nature cinematography. And we like it, too. In their new video for “Hunting for Pearls” (the second single in two months from duo Jonna Lee and Claes Björklund), Lee, looking like a frosted Misty Day (R.I.P), finds herself chased by animalistic lycra-clad male figures. But don’t worry — she dives into the ocean to evade them and stows away on a piece of melting ice-cap. So next time you complain about this polar vortex reprise, think of poor Jonna Lee stuck singing electro-pop on an ice-block in a high-fashion turtleneck for eternity. [Source]


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