Diamond Version – Turn On Tomorrow (2013)

“It’s shaping up to be one of the year’s most remarkable experimental albums, if the twisted pop sensibility and visceral electronics of EP 2 are any indicator.” – Resident Advisor
“More dancefloor-ready than either artist’s solo material, the project was originally born out of a series of impromptu live performances, so it’s easy to understand why the focus has shifted to something drastically more playable” – Boomkat
Diamond Version release EP3 on 12” and download on 28 January 2013. Featuring the tracks Turn On Tomorrow, Sense Of Urgency and Turn On Tomorrow (Version), this the latest in a sequence of five 12″ / download EPs released throughout 2012 and 2013.

An album featuring a selection of the EP tracks, alongside unreleased tracks and new versions with guest vocalists will be released in Summer 2013.

Diamond Version is the collaborative project between two of the most groundbreaking, experimental and visionary creators in modern music, Byetone and Alva Noto.

“Diamond Version is a project born out of a live situation. We occasionally performed encores together after our solo sets. These spontaneous and improvised tracks always had a kind of “special energy” which we missed in our solo works.” Diamond Version’s audio-visual live performance debuted at Sonar 2012 with special guest Atsuhiro Ito (reviewed here by The Quietus: http://bit.ly/Mtu9iN).

The band have announced several dates for 2013 including the prestigious festivals Berlin CTM / Transmediale and Sonar Reykjavik, with more to be announced shortly.

29 January – CTM / Transmediale, Berlin – Berghain Panorama Bar
15 February – Sonar Reykjavik

Turn On Tomorrow
Sense Of Urgency
Turn On Tomorrow (Version)

Science For A Better Life: http://youtu.be/g6DFZB_k2bY (EP2)
Technology At The Speed Of Life: http://youtu.be/BEFSM0_mbSg  (EP1)
Empowering Change: http://youtu.be/M5-E2-edvVw (EP1)
Science For A Better Life – http://youtu.be/g6DFZB_k2bY (EP2)
Forever New Frontiers – http://youtu.be/k8CvQltOWZg  (EP2)

Diamond Version boxset subscription – http://bit.ly/DVbleep

www.diamondversion.info / twitter.com/Diamond_Version


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