Blondie – Heart Of Glass (1979)

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The “Heart of Glass” promotional video was filmed at the Studio 54 discothèque in New York City with director Stanley Dorfman. The video begins with footage of New York City in the night before joining Blondie perform at Studio 54. Then, the video alternates between close-ups of Deborah Harry’s face as she lip-syncs, and mid-distance shots of the entire band. In the video Harry wears a silver asymmetrical dress designed by Stephen Sprouse. To create the dress, Sprouse photo-printed a picture of television scan lines onto a piece of fabric, and then, according to Harry, “put a layer of cotton fabric underneath and a layer of chiffon on top, and then the scan-lines would do this op-art thing.” The popularity of the song helped Sprouse’s work earn a lot of exposure from the media.

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