Lowell – Shake Him Off (2012)

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“I don’t wanna go out until the sun is out. I just want to be cold, on the horizon. Its just me and my pillow, although we’re dead sick of the cold. I don’t want to tell you my stories, I don’t want to talk about dreams, I just want to fold my eyes, into my sleepy seeds. You know, we’ll never be friends, but that’s the thing about us; we find love in chaos.” – Lowell.

The origin of the word Lowell in both English and French means Wolf Cub.

Lowell had been working in the studio with Martin Terefe, Grammy award winning producer and member of the Apparatjik collective (Magne F (Aha), Guy Berryman (Coldplay) and Jonas Bjerre (MEW)). Terefe and the young Canadian artist ended up duetting together for Apparatjik’s Everybody Is One Bar project, whereby fans and other artists were encouraged to re-work tracks that would later appear on the bands second album, “Square Peg In A Round Hole”. Apparatjik immediately realised they had found a close musical relative; Lowell came from the snow just like them you see…

Martin and Lowell were soon joined by the rest of Apparatjik and after a four day recording session her debut EP was finished. “Shake Him Off” is the first song from the forthcoming mini-album to see the light of day. The percussion was recorded in Lowell’s bedroom in Toronto using pots and pans before being worked on with Apparatjik.

View Lowell’s homemade video which accompanies the track here:

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