Bear In Heaven – Sinful Nature (2012)

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“Like Don Henley, but more psychedelic,” Bear in Heaven singer-keyboardist Jon Philpot told SPIN several months ago, describing the Brooklyn electro-rockers’ latest album, I Love You, It’s Cool. The newest video from the record, for pulsating, “How Soon Is Now?”-like hypno-rocker “Sinful Nature,” takes a movie released only a few months after Henley’s multiplatinum smash The End of Innocence — namely, 1990’s Julia Roberts-Richard Gere prostitute romance Pretty Woman — and makes it … more psychedelic. Directed by Yoonha Park, whose previous work includes visuals for Washed Out and Small Black, the video shows a CGI-tweaked couple reminiscent of Gere and Roberts’ movie characters in all kinds of hallucinogenic settings. This pretty woman won’t kiss you on the lips, but she might send you on a vision quest into the Sonoran desert. [Source]

Director: Yoonha Park
Produced by Neighborhood Watch
Producers: Rebekka B. Björnsdóttir, Richard Peete
DoP: David Gettens
Gaffer: Ray Richards
Grip: Jack Buckley
Prosthetic Makeup Effects: Cory Brown
Props: Dylan Pettengill
Wardrobe: Danny Randell, Laurel St. Romain
Hair & Makeup: Chelsea Payne
VFX: Evan Harper

Featuring: Amy Halldin, Alex Silva, Sean McClintock, Sigrún Eva
Jónsdóttir, Matta Matthiasdottir

Thank You: Jane, Nick & Lisa, Mason, Na, Will Kilborn

SC Distribution:…



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