Depeche Mode – Wrong (2009)

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The music video for “Wrong” was filmed in December 2008 and directed by Patrick Daughters. It debuted on the band’s MySpace page on 20 February 2009. The video depicts a Ford Crown Victoria rolling backwards down a Los Angeles downtown street, seemingly with no driver at the wheel. A shot inside the car reveals a man in a latex mask lying unconscious in the front seat. When the car bumps another car (but keeps rolling), the man is jolted awake. As he tries in desperation to stop the car, it becomes apparent that he is bound and gagged. The car rolls past the band (watching from a sidewalk) and hits a pedestrian, trash cans, shopping carts, and traffic cones. A police vehicle begins pursuing the car. When the man finally manages to free his wrists and remove the mask, a white pickup truck crashes into the side of the car, bringing it to a halt. On 3 December 2009, it was nominated for a Grammy Award for “Best Short Form Video.” On the same day, Sounds Of The Universe, the album of which the single appears on, was nominated for Best Alternative Music Album. The “Wrong” video is 2nd in Time (magazine) in the “Five best videos of 2009” and was one of “the 20 best videos of 2009” according to Spin Magazine, the position in the list is 10.

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