Hot Chip – Don’t Deny Your Heart (2012)

The central conflict of Hot Chip’s video “Don’t Deny Your Heart” involves a good old-fashioned tour bus FIFA rivalry, though this particular match goes to a place where I’ve never seen a FIFA match go (did they download a special patch?). Peter Serafinowicz directs.


Bjӧrk – Mutual Core (2012)

“Mutual Core” director Andrew Thomas Huang will answer the best questions we receive from viewers in a video on MOCAtv. Do you have a question for him? How the video was made, working with Bjork, where do you find the right kind of sand in Iceland?

The Rolling Stones – Doom And Gloom (Full Version) (2012)

The Stones have wisely chosen the star of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo to star in their latest video, which results in a Stones video that you actually want to watch. And wouldn’t mind pressing repeat on. Throughout the video, what you get is Mick Jagger appealing for someone to “come ooooaaaan and daaance with meeeeee.” And that’s what he gets, in the form of Noomi Rapace. What you get in the run-up to that, is Noomi Rapace flying a plane, Noomi Rapace rolling around in a garbage pile, Noomi Rapace behind bars, Noomi Rapace doing a respectable Mick Jagger impression and Noomi Rapace exposing her breasts, wearing a pink wig. We think you get the gist. She’s the star of the video, right? [Source]

R.E.M. – Blue (2012)

Lindsay Lohan, James Franco, Terry Richardson and R.E.M. may sound like an odd grouping, but the four joined together for one of the last (if not the last) R.E.M. music video, “Blue,” a song which appears on the band’s final album, “Collapse Into Now.” Franco directed the “Blue” video, which features vocals by Michael Stipe and Patti Smith, as part of R.E.M.’s Collapse Into Now Film Project, a selection of films directed by noteworthy artists to accompany each song on the final album. [Source]

[via Nikolaj Nørlund]