Prayers – West End Girls (2015)


San Diego duo Prayers return with a powerful new track based on “West End Girls” by Tennant/Lowe which combines aggressive synth-stabs and Leafar Seyer’s trademark layered vocals. Visually, Prayers have executed another super-stylized video, full of cool kids, shot in slow-mo, chilling in a in a graveyard, because why not? Make sure to check out Noisey Meets: Prayers and Cholo Goth Movement.

Turzi – Colombe (2015)

maxresdefault (46)

Production : Marcassin
Executive production in Cambodia : Dreamtouch
Director : Mathias Chelebourg
Director of photography : Athys de Galzain
Unit production manager : Amaury Brougalay
Producer : Anthony Saoudi
Video editor : Pascal Revelard
Color grading : Sylvain Canaux
Merci à RVZ et pour leur inébranlable soutien

Strange Wilds – Pronoia (2015)

Strange Wilds perform in warehouse as garbage is piled up around them. Interspersed with vignettes of peoples’ struggles against Capitalism and the machine.

Director: David Hoekje
Video Production House: Hoekje Productions
Video Producer: David Hoekje and Strange Wilds
Location: Olympia, WA
Editor: David Hoekje
Director of Photography: David Hoekje

Darq E Freaker ft. Dai Burger – Choppin Necks (2015)

Noisey are excited to present the new video from Darq E Freaker for “Choppin Necks” – which features New York rapper Dai Burger atop Freaker’s production, and is taken off Darq’s upcoming mixtape #DontFreakOut which will be the first release off his imprint Thrift World Order.

Directed by Thrift World Order
Filmed by Ian Wallace
Edited by Ian Wallace & Wize