The Chemical Brothers feat. Beck – Wide Open (2016)


Slowly but surely, 3D printing is making its way into pop culture. Hip hop and fashion legend Kanye West publicly admitted to being afraid of it; 3D printed films are making their way to the Oscars; and Jay Leno test drove Local Motors’ 3D printed car on national TV . Now, 3D printing is taking an even more ‘artsy’ pop culture turn, playing an important role in The Chemical Brothers’ latest music video for their song Wide Open.

Suede – No Tomorrow (2016)


Suede have shared a new video for ‘No Tomorrow’, the latest track revealed from their new album ‘Night Thoughts’.

The song follows other new songs recently unveiled, ‘Outsiders’ and ‘Like Kids’. Watch its retro-leaning video below.

The LP, which will feature a full string section, was produced by the band’s long-time collaborator Ed Buller and was recorded in London and Brussels.

Breakbot – 2GOOD4ME (2016)


The unique aesthetic of Japanese pop culture has always drawn people in – its colour-drenched, cutesy-yet-futuristic influence spilling over the borders of the country and into the hands of style-obsessed teenagers across the world. This is an idea that permeates Breakbot’s cinematic visual for “2GOOD4ME”, a Simon Cahn-directed clip that follows the day of one Mexican teen in Tijuana as she drives through the city, fires shots into the sea and gets thrown out of a club.